Researching Family History and Consulting


Do you want help Researching your family history?
Family history research is unique as each family!
I ask a few questions and gather some information from you and then based on that information I will give you an estimate for the service.
Here are the questions:
Please copy and paste them and the answers into an e-mail to me:
  • Do you use a family history software program?  If so, what program?
  • If you have an on-line family history program you use, may I have temporary access to it?
  • Do you want research done on one or multiple lines of your family?
  • Do you have any information to begin with (journals, pedigree charts, family group sheets, gedcom files) that I can use?
  • Is this research primarily in the United States or other countries?  If other countries, please list them.
  • Do you want hard copies of the information I collect or digital images and a gedcom file or both?

I look forward to helping you Discover your family history!

Consulting–Do you need a Family History Personal Trainer in Southern Utah?

Is the WEIGHT of Family History pulling you down?  Change all those fat Family History Files and Piles into a beautiful trim working machine that LIFTS, STRENGTHENS and INSPIRES your family!

  • Do you need help getting started with your genealogy?
  • What should you do with all that stuff in those boxes you inherited from your parents or grandparents?
  • Do you just need advice on where to go from here?
  • Are you wondering what to do with all those old photos?
  • How about sharing those stories and journals?

I would love to help you get started, get unstuck, or just get going again with your family history and genealogy.

Let me help you come up with your own Family History “Fitness” Plan to get your Family History in shape!

  • Phone Call consultations
  • In Person Training Sessions–Learn a new skills (scanning, uploading, basic photo editing, etc)
  • Family History Partner — I’ll come and help you work on your projects for an hour a week.

Phone Call Consultations: The first 30 minute call is FREE

In Person Training Sessions: $10 per hour

Family History Partner:  $60 for 4 -1 hour visits to help you work on your family history projects.

You’ll be amazed at what a team can get done in one month!  Do you have projects you’ve been meaning to get to for years?  Is your family waiting for you to share that photo album, those stories? Consistency is the key, 1 hour a week for a month and we can get the “weight” off your mind and the treasures into your family’s hands!

Please call or e-mail to set up a time that we can talk to help you get started Organizing and Sharing your family history!

Marie Arnold 801-223-9517